Ash Wednesday – A New Season

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the 40 days and six Sundays of Lent, a season of preparation marking the renewal of nature and the celebration of Easter.  We’ll mark the possibility of our new beginning by remembering the somber reality that we are all mortal, but we also possess great potential in the…

Hurricane Sandy Update

Many folks have asked for ways in which to be involved in the recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy.  We will receive special offerings for storm recovery in coming Sundays, and if you go to the website of our annual conference,, you can read about a call for volunteers to work in storm-ravaged areas on Long…

Next Midnight Run – Friday October 12th 2012

Midnight Run ( is a volunteer organization dedicated to finding common ground between the housed and the homeless. In over 1,000 relief missions per year, Midnight Run volunteers from churches, synagogues, schools and other civic groups distribute food, clothing, blankets and personal care items to the homeless poor on the streets of New York City….

The London Olympics 2012

I love the Olympics.  It started in 1968, when the Winter Olympics was the straw that broke the camel’s back forcing my parents to surrender to to the dominant culture; they bought our first television set just so we could watch the games.  It’s the diversity of athletic endeavors that attracts me these days.  At…


  • 28Apr

    Saturday Morning Zumba FitnessZumba is a Latin-inspired dance aerobics and is for anyone who wants to exercise and have fun at the same time.10:00 AM

  • 29Apr

    Pastor’s Bible ClassExpand your faith in this session with the pastor. Real talk about real stuff with real people.09:00 AM

  • 29Apr

    Sunday Worship ServicesAll are welcome. We would be honored to have you. Please come as a guest and leave as a friend!!10:00 AM

  • 01May

    Tuesday Evening Zumba FitnessCome join Zumba for fun and fitness. Your first class is on the house. Call or Email Katie Scott for more details07:00 PM

  • 01May

    Tai-Chi on TuesdaysThe purpose of Tai-Chi is to move energy within us. Think of it as a prayerful moving meditation. 07:15 PM